Friday, 12 August 2005


We attended performance event Provopolis at the Keir Hardie Hall Working Men's Club in Norwich. The evening was billed as a live participatory event that connected the work of artists, writers and performers with the public within a social space. I don't recollect what the other artists and their performances were like as once we got the coach started and it got quite busy, we couldn't really move about much from where we set up; by the bar incidentally, so we stayed remained parked there for most of the evening.

Patrick Loan (centre): Back a bit, back a bit.
Paul Carr (right): Left a bit, left a bit.

Paul: Watch it.

We did manage to get served at the bar, unbelievably. Patrick's drinking water because he's driving. I do think we look very smart and created a good impression.


Phew! We both had to take the weight off our feet at the end of the evening. I'd had too much to drink. I just wanted to sleep it off on the back seat of the coach. I quite liked the fact that the steering wheel looked more like a cymbal.

Saturday, 6 August 2005

Continental Breakfast Tours INFO POINT

Roll up! Roll up! Come and get it.

This is the Ketchup Boys in full Tour Operating glory, in our efforts to drum up support for the Continental Couch Tour of which we were adopting the role of Tour Operators and contributing to what will be a return trip from London to Norwich on the 20th August. Eddie Farrell, Graham Hayward, Bryan Parsons, Gil Pasternak and Corinna Till had been successful in being selected for East International and invited us to work with them on this project, one of many strands for the work they included for East. Here we are outside Norwich Gallery.

Time was running out and we still needed 'bums on seats'. I dont know if an unsuspecting public were ready for us.

Serving 'Completely Free Tea and Coffee' (from left to right); Corinna, Graham and Gil. Patrick is chancing his arm for a cuppa while I compose myself before informing the public on what the Continental Coach Tour is going to be. I dont think I know, or come to think of it anybody else does. The meetings we'd had with 'the group' had been very productive as far as I was concerned and good spirited, and left me with a positive 'impression'. I think as soon as it came into practice I felt completely immobilised by the thought of having to put ideas into practice. Me and Pat also had to keep an eye on preparations for the Barnes Bun Architecture Biennale. I think we did good.

Thursday, 4 August 2005

Paul and Pat's gaff

Paul and Pat's gaff, Continental Breakfast Coach Tour flyer.