Friday, 28 November 2008

The Soul Bellows Issue 1


back/ front of the inner sleeve for the booklet and CD

The Tracklist: 1 Table Wine, 2 Whatever the Weather, 3 To Soul Bellows, 4 Bruce's Babes, 5 The Times of Mr Edward Farrell, 6 Weep Those Blues Away, 7 It's Shyte, 8 Minute Rythmn, 9 Get on the Bus.

Novel Extracts (inlcuded in booklet): The Botanical Motorway, Bloodspin (product 18a), I believe in the 1p initiative, The Barnes TV Guide, Sub TV Plot A (Ghost Drugs 1, 46a), Sub TV Plot B (Smoke Screens, 2, 7, 12), Talk Time, Bellow Belief, Operation Blaze, London Terminals (Obstacles), The Family Golden Retriever, Pummel Mannered Granite & The Space Charge, The Space Train, The Channel Pummel, The Remains.

Words/Music and Artwork: Paul Carr; except The Times of Mr Edward Farrell, Words: Eddie Farrell