Saturday, 31 January 2009


Whatever the Weather*
The 'Sunny Spells' LIVE MIX
The Fall - Can Can Summer
Pet Shop Boys - Miserabilism
The Gobshyte Lowery & His Cardiac Arrest Team - The Valley of the Francis Rossi Clones
Janáček - Concertino - II. Più mosso
Jenna Collins - The Wave Archive
The air band frequency on my Roadstar TRE-2313 portable radio, bought at the Manchester Aviation Viewing Park, is between 108.00 MHz and 140.0 MHz.
This is LIVE broadcast from London Heathrow Airport Tower - The Arrivals.
Phyllis April King - A Linnet
The Fall - Iceland
Kathy, Sid & Cybil
Devised, written and improvised by Chris Scobie and Paul Carr
Chris Scobie - Where are we?
William Orbit (Mix) - Boyd's Beauty pt. A, from the original motion picture soundtrack Ravenous by Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman
Chris Scobie - Variation
based on a theme from Auber's Fra Diavolo
Chris Scobie - Two Pieces Pt. 2, Rondo
performed by London Sinfonietta, conducted by Rebecca Miller
Pet Shop Boys - Too Many People
Jenna Collins - The Wave Archive
This is London City Airport Tower. The Thames Radar. This is an Unused Frequency.
Eddie Farrell - Luft Hydyn
The Soul Bellows Trio - Improvisation 1
TSB Trio are Jenna Collins (Cornet), Chris Scobie (Piano) and Paul Carr (Guitar, pre-paid backing track)
* music by Paul Carr

Friday, 30 January 2009

Notes to accompany LUFT HYDYN by Eddie Farrell

Fahrad Fahren or travelling by Bike, in Berlin is easy. Or that is what I believed when I first arrived.

Coming from the knotted congestion of London’s narrow streets, to the vast roads and cycle paths of Berlin couldn’t be more different; but having always cycled, I would say that central London is one of the safest cities to get around by bike; save for the odd Taxi door opening into your face, from my experience, cars hardly ever get any space to build up enough speed, to really hurt you. ( I am sure statistics contradict this personal observation)

Space in Berlin plays tricks on the mind; Because of the lack congestion you cover double the distance in the same amount of time a journey would normally take. This David Blaine type mystery only became clear to me just before Christmas when I was showing a friend a route map of my daily cycle; In the same time that I would have done a 10 to 12mile round trip from Kentish town to Hackney Wick, It was pointed, that I was actually cycling 18 to 20mile on a journey from Mitte, to Kreuzberg to Wedding, and then back?

On the very night this phenomenon was realised, I fell victim to one of the worst aspects of Berlin cycling; The cyclists!

Sanctimoniously, speeding dangerously past with no consideration for the pedestrians. They are the new car drivers; in fact, fat BMW’s recognise their kin, slowing down to usher through threatening packs of bikes. And these are no ordinary bikes; They are, the big- bugger- Amsterdam- Variety. The night I came into contact with one I spent the following hours in the krankenhaus being splinted up with a broken wrist.

I have never been too bothered about cycling in Winter; As long as there is no black ice and you wrap it well, it can be pretty exhilarating. However, these last 3 weeks of January have made me reassess this; The grit that’s chucked everywhere, to stop you slipping; becomes the bike-tyre equivalent, of cycling over broken glass. 3 flat tyres in 5 days is a depressing statistic; particularly the one that occurred in the middle of a snow covered Tier Garten; I found myself tugging the incapacitated two wheeler with a flop-wobbling tyre along the Strasse Des 17 Juni, from the Prussian victory column to the Brandenburg Gate. On this mammoth stretch of road I suddenly found myself in two David Lean films at once; The painfully slow progress along the Strasse, was the approaching Camel in the early desert scene of Lawrence of Arabia. But this was no desert; Dr Zhivago.

Finally to my, brush with Germanys, drink-peddling law. On Sunday evening I met a friend at 7pm in a Kottbusser Tor, bar. He had just got back from a month in Ethiopia and had many stories to tell. Our evening concluded around 1.30am, I would guess that I’d had around 7 Biers. Outside it was about minus 2 degrees. We quickly said our goodbyes and I began my cautious 20 minute cycle North. Having just crossed the River Spree, I halted at a red light. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned round to see 5 Polizei standing there; Immediately, a story came to mind of someone who had been stopped by the police on their bike after they had been drinking and had ended up losing their driving licence for a year.

Been Drinking have we sir?

Yes. There was absolutely no point in lying.

How many would you say?

Well, two maybe three . I did lie at this point

Ok we would like you to blow into this, Yeh? he moves the breathalyser towards my face

Oi Oi Oi I say, oh well this is it , I put my hands up. and laugh a little, because I know I’m done, and there is no way out. Their mood is quite cheery, perhaps because I am taking the whole thing on without hostility, They count me in and then to ten. But before blowing, I somehow decide that I will do it in style; I’m guilty! Why do a stuttering half arsed effort.- For their count of 10, I was an on song Artie Shaw, and I’m sure I detected respectful nods from a couple of them.

They hold the machine up and check the reading. There is a pause

OK your fine, Danke

I can’t understand, what is going on; I’m about to say, but I can’t be , I’ve had at least 7 Biers!

But they are not interested; they’re packing up and getting back into the van.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Good and Gone - Harry Irene
from Fast 'N' Bulbous (1988), an album of Captain Beefheart covers
Soundcheck with Sarah McLaren
The Streets - Two Nations
Einojuhani Rautavaara - Melancholy, Cantus Arcticus, Op.61, Concerto for Birds and Orchestra
Sid and Kathy at The Elongated Iron Bar
Staring Chris Scobie as Kathy and P.Carr as Sid
Gobshyte Lowery & His Cardiac Arrest Team - Highly Disparate Warblers
from the album Swear Box & Friends (Oct 2008)
Johnnie Ray - Cry
De La Soul - Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge)
Katharine Eastman and P.Carr - Two Baboons
The Fall - Midnight in Aspen
Eddie Farrell - Bela Bama Bartok
Jeffrey Lewis - Don't let the record label take you out
Jenna Collins - London's Dreadful Visitation, or, a Collection of all the Bills of Mortality for the Present Year 1664, the Diseases and Casualties from the 17th of January to the 24th
Abortive - 6, Aged - 39, Ague - 2, Apoplexie - 1, Bruised - 1, Cancer - 1, Childbed - 8, Chrisomes - 8, Consumption - 80, Convulsion - 31, Cough - 1, Distracted - 1, Dropsie - 27, Fever - 33, Flox and Small Pox - 17, Flux - 2, French Pox - 2, Gout - 2, Greit - 1, Griping in the guts - 15, Jaundies - 2, Imposthume - 2, Infants - 19, Kild with a cart at St. Bridgets - 1, Kingsevil - 1, Meagrome - 1, Plurisie - 1, Rickets - 11, Rising of the lights - 9, Scurvy - 2, Sorre Legge - 1, Spotted Fever - 1, Stillborne - 11, Stopping of the Stomach - 14, Suddenly - 4, Surfeit - 3, Teeth - 27, Thrush - 3, Tissick - 2, Ulcer - 2, Winde - 5, Wormes - 2
Katharine Eastman's contribution to The Wave Archive
Blur - Beetlebum
Jenna Collins' Wave Archive - Miss Piggy & Her Penguins 'We're having a Heatwave'
Cornelius Cardew - The Croppy Boy

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Notes to accompany BELA BAMA BARTOK by Eddie Farrell

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to that brilliant recording of Bartoks 6 Rumanian Folk Dances.

That was the first thing I said to Ivor Cutler, when I finally plucked up courage to go up and speak to him in the Street. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen him in Kentish Town; in fact on one occasion, quite by chance he had got on the Tube and sat down beside me; the friends I was with, kept nudging and pushing my arm, gesturing that I should turn and speak to him. But I couldn’t.; he’d been a hero of mine for over 25 years; It was too big a deal.

The Bartok recording was one that appeared on a 1999 EMI compilation, of Ivor Cutlers, favourite tunes; a sort of Desert Island Disc, which I bought when it was released, it has now become a favourite of mine. The sleeve notes didn’t give the musicians names; just that it was arranged by Szekely and recorded in 1930.

On an early summer evening in 2005, On route to meet a friend, I was heading down Leighton Road, towards Kentish Town Tube station, when I saw Ivor Cutler, some distance ahead ,shuffling along in front ,on the other side of the road ; He was alone and moving very slowly. I quickened my pace , and began thinking of something to say to him; Hello Mr Cutler, I have always been a great fan of yours, Hello, Ivor Cutler? I’ve got all your records. Hello Ivor Cutler, you have been a very big influence on me, Hello Mr Cutler, I have all your books. Oh God this is terrible, you can’t say that to him, he’s a hero of yours, Hello Ivor Cutler you are my hero.

During this my head had been slowly rotating to the right as I drew level with him and then ,continued on, leaving him behind as I turned onto Kentish town road and the entrance to the Tube. Fuck!

Turning sharply on my heels I strode back to Leighton Road, saw that he had reached the side of the Assembly bar, where I crossed and blurted out the first thing that came into my head.

Oh, he said with huge grin on his face, and putting a very shaky hand into his pocket, he pulled out a small note book; I’ve just found my book; months of work; I thought I’d lost it; I’d left it at the doctors. Would you like me to read something from it.

I was then treated to half an hour of Ivor Cutler poems, drawings and Stories, interspersed with general talk of his poor health, medication, sex, depression and suicide. He was very frail and a little wandered, but his eyes where sharp; full of life; curiosity. At one point I suggested that he might like to come into the Slade school of Arts Breakfast club as a guest:

Ivor Cutler: Oh, no I can’t do anything like that anymore; it takes up too much energy and I need all of that for my work.

Me: I suppose that’s just like Matisse

Ivor Cutler: Why, what’s wrong with your teeth?

Having remembered that I was meant to be meeting someone else, I was faced with the odd situation of having to cut short our discussion; he looked like he was just warming up.

Is it a Bouy or a Gurl your meeting?

A girl grabbing my hand in his, he lifted it to his mouth and kissed the back of it.

Pass that on from me.

Friday, 16 January 2009


Einojuhani Rautavaara - The Marsh, Cantus Arcticus, Op. 61, Concerto for Birds and Orchestra
Dennis Waterman & George Cole - What are we gonna get for 'er indoors?
TOTP 1984 Xmas Special
Paul Carr & Eddie Farrell - Sousedska (Remix)
Hello and welcome back. Make no mistake this is not Christmas. Thankyou very much for tuning in this-evening; a second installment of the Carr Radio; a trial run of six episodes. And just to reiterate, each episode is to pre-recorded and made available at as a playback or download. Each episode will last for the duration of one hour and will evolve over the forthcoming weeks in collaboration with issue 2 of The Soul Bellows - a music magazine, and Build Music - a radio reconstruction, currently in operation. Copies of issue 1 of the Soul Bellows are available by clicking on the PayPal option to the left of this dot blogspot.
We promise you 'no frills' radio programming, but the 'Best in Barnes' TV Guide.
Paul Carr & Eddie Farrell - Dumka
Johnnie Ray - All of Me
20:14 (GMT) 14:14 (BLT)
Eddie Farrell - Slush Grit Vivaldi
Rautavaara - The Marsh, Cantus Arcticus, Op. 61, Concerto for Birds and Orchestra
Sid and Kathy at the British Library
Staring Chris Scobie as Kathy and P.Carr as Sid
Additional notes, i, by Eddie Farrell, accompanied by Cycle Song (P.Carr)
Jools Holland once said, that the only justifiable reason for speeding on the road, was to return your library books on time. Similarly there are few reasons (if any) for waving your countries flag, however, having been out of the UK for the past 3 months, I have felt a fluttering of appreciation build up inside of me for the NHS (of course) and also, free admission to major museums and Art collections.
Trying to find out where and when there is free entry into a major Art collection in Berlin, is a bit like booking a Ryanair flight and trying to stop the total column increasing every time you type something into the online form.
However, I am glad to report, I have cracked the Gemaldegalerie; so every Thursday evening from 6pm till 10pm I get myself down there and look. Looking at ART or KUNST in certain areas of Berlin, in my opinion is something you must learn, very quickly, not to do unless you want to go blind; quite simply there is too much of IT.
Soul Bellows, Theme, 2, The Exclusive (P.Carr)
Blur - Essex Dogs
Interview with Jenna Collins
Jenna Collins Wave Archive - Mexican Wave at the Stadium of Light, Sunderland
Judee Sill - Jesus was a Cross Maker
Emma Kirkby - Amy Beach, Op.100, No.1, A Mirage
The Metro News accompanied by 'The Bee' (P.Carr)
Gobshyte Lowery & His Cardiac Arrest Team - Mysterious Stains
Further additonal notes, ii, by Eddie Farrell
So on Thursday evenings, when most of the audio guides and tourist tick books have been put to bed, the Gemalde becomes an afterhours store to pick through at your own pace. And by simply breathing and opening one's eyes, all the absolute academic lectures, hysterical myths and tittle tattle, that overshadow the paintings on the wall, can be swept aside.
In my first 3 visits I didnt get much past room 18, the first room. I was knocked out; not in whispering and hand grovelling reverence to some of the big boys of the Renaissance, but to the raw, honesty, intelligence and generosity that could be clearly seen in people working and pushing through their age. One might imagine that after countless reproductions in potted histories and flick books that these paintings by now might be empty souls. But for me, room 18, has an infectious electric hum that encourages the viewer, to just look.
additional notes, iii, by Eddie Farrell
But we click our cameras at them; construct careers and lecture tours around them, copy and compete with the technique and housing of them; worship them, take them for granted or ignore them. And on any other day of the week, we straddle through a skyfull, a pavementfull and every available surfacefull of KUNST. And whether it be spray painted on a dog shit or laminated 20 foot high on a city gabel; it all joins the same old clamour.
Perhaps some simple things have been overlooked?
Maybe we should all take a closer look?
Leonard Cohen - Last Year's Man

Friday, 2 January 2009


P.Carr - The Soul Bellows (Theme)
Hello, and welcome to the Carr Radio.
The Fall - Frenz
A-HA - Take On Me
Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery - Night Train
Hello and that was A-HA, make no mistake, Take on Me and this is me, Paul Carr and a very merry, happy, new year to you all. Thankyou for tuning in this evening, this is the new years honours playlist edition of The Carr Radio.
Today is the first in a series of 6 pilot episodes to be pre-recorded and made available at for playback or as a download for all you i-pod people. Each episode will last for the duration of one hour and will evolve over the forthcoming weeks in collaboration with Issue 2 of the Soul Bellows music magazine and Build Music - a radio Reconstruction - currently in operation. Copies of Issue 1 of the Soul Bellows are available by clicking on the PayPal option to the right (left) of this dot blogspot.
We promise you 'no frills' radio programming.
We have a selection box of tracks, not tricks, brought to you by the aid of the sequential rotary option and function of the Pop Dial - a complex circuit board of temperature settings for all fan assisted Chart Toppers.
Lightnin' Hopkins - Can't do it like you used to
The Barnes TV Guide
We interrupt this programme for a short account from the Barnes TV Guide, LIVE from the Elongated Iron Bar, Elephant & Castle.
It was only a theme tune and I thought it would grow on me with further listens, hints of epic spaghetti western baked beans and pork sausages in one sauce. What a palaver. Pallid Specsaver double vision. Tyne & Wear TV programming and Radio phone-in Q&A.
Tom Paulin sported the 'look, look topical revue' on Newsnight Rewind tonight. A full frontal shot trampled over his look-a-like sport shorts and funny hair do, creases ironed out with the harsh studio lighting, cut and blow dried to a neo-tungsten ham slicer. I know, I know. I couldn't believe it either. You know the sort, the kind you see tapered at the edges of any WHSmith foolscap.
And I was slightly disturbed by what followed; Jools Holland on Later supporting what looked like a cannonball just above the waistal region - north east of England and horizontal egg on toast repeat from Tuesday. I prefer to watch the egg run with the sound down these days.
Sub TV Plot A. Ghost drugs 1, 46a
I took a g-host of smoke-drugs, to inject, chew, stare-drug, smell, sawn-off nose-snort, 12 inch whacky, drops, dangle, mangle, Nag, Drag, Cluedo and sawn off wand-drugs. I exchanged the LOT! And happened to catch my short distance drug in Boots the Chemist. The optician sported an optical haze sock full of long distance triennial pitchers.
I didn't tell you I was a magician did I?
I waved my wand for Cluedo fixes and Backgammon Wall Faze. My lovely assistant allowed me to make rectilinear, a conservatory for costume changes.
Sub TV Plot B. Smoke Screens 2, 7 and 12
The soul? Can you feel it. Can you hear it stir inside the fix of the artery glo. Post box sized attendees of the Baize Bar bellow below in the heat-faze
The Botanical Motorway
Somewhere in the aluminium spoke that keeps the M25 spinning in traffic-glo, was LOT 38, pulverized TV wall brackets and 100 yards ahead a further negotiation was followed through.
Pub TV, 1 and 1/4 inch recess into the wall, bypass for the mega-pixels to irritate and whistle around in your Renault Espace. Think about the itching at the back of your eye balls every evening? After a day of deliveries in and around the hip-joint of Centrepoint and knee cap of the Millwall Tunnel? TV wont solve your problems.
Olivier Messiaen - Quartet for the End of Time, Verse 5
Eddie Farrell - Stravinksy Mitte Glocken
Robert Wyatt - Born Again Cretin
Welcome to the official opening of the Wave Archive; the inaugural broadcast and recording [by Jenna Collins]
I would like to read a short extract from Local Anaesthetic by Gunter Grass.
"So simple, a wave machine: two pistons alternately exerting pressure on sea water, warmed to 72 degrees (20 minutes of calm followed by 10 minutes of storm). The naive principle is surf mechanized. (Excessive undertow is avoided by divergencies in the rhythm of the rising and falling pistons). Possibly the inventor watched children teaching a pond to make waves by throwing stones into it: now the easily serviced machine is functioning. It suffices to press a button: Wave Pool. Wave Pool!". This is where my interest in waves began, with the wave machines.
The structure of the archive will develop as things get added but at present it comes roughly in two parts. The first is a collection of wave memorabilia at references, again this splits into parts; general waves or the notion of waves, and documentation of specific waves. An example would be from a page in Len Deighton's Spy Story. First we have 'whipping up crested waves that awoke the subs' which is general, plural, then 'the same wave sucked and gurgled at its bow' which refers to a specific, individual, singular wave. These waves are fictional but apparently natural which would cause categorical divergencies of 4 and 5, and which could be followed by media, date, location; 6, 7 and 8. If we go back to the top of the tree the second order of things is work made about waves: all manner of things that relate to or come from thinking about waves.
So although today is the inaugural, opening statement, things, items are already in place.
I have given the false impression that I am interested in categorization and all the trappings of the archive - that I control, understand and master what I can not.
The archive; usually a collection of sanctioned documents in a specific location, but in the case of the wave archive it will be open, scattered. No logo, no naming and numbering protocol and no acid free paper.
And so I set out today with these thoughts, these plans - an absurd endeavor.
If I should ever think or feel I have succeeded in capturing a single wave, that I can hold it in completion after its moment has passed, the archive will close and all contents will be destroyed.
The Smiths - Back to the Old House
Interview with Jenna Collins
Brian Eno - (i) 'Fullness of Wind' from Three Variations on the Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel
Scott Walker - Boy Child
Gobshyte Lowery & His Cardiac Arrest Team - My Sole Remaining Taste Bud
BBC Radio 4 News

Special Thanks to Jenna, Eddie and Steven for their contributions and continued support.

Best wishes for 2009
Paul Carr