Saturday, 27 June 2009


This evening we presented Murphy's Wave . .

Paul Carr/Jenna Collins/Chris Scobie
Murphy's Wave: A building of compositions and volumes. Murphy's Wave takes its initial impulse from an e mail conversation with Douglas Murphy, the world's foremost wave (machine) designer. In their 1st live performance since The Carr Radio (Season 1), Carr, Collins and Scobie peform in a bid to build a storage facility for sound and pictures out of the give duration.

We finally decided to do something about working together when the Work in Progress (Benedict Drew, Emma Hart, Dai Jenkins, Corinna Till) invited us to take part in their programmed evening in which thirty artists presented live and pre-recorded artworks that use, control or play on TV; Noisy Image was to be held at Cafe Oto in Dalston.

We first made our 'appearance' on this blog-site and the fourth installation of The Carr Radio (Season 1). We found there was a natural chemistry between the three of us, in between the serious interviews I conducted with Chris and Jenna was good banter and even a stab at a bit of improv!

Paul Carr performing 'The Brink'

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The Carr Radio BOX SET

6CD box set currently being re-housed

The Carr Radio Executive Design Team

Jenna Collins

Eddie Farrell

Katharine Eastman

Chris Scobie

Paul Carr

Steven Lowery