Sunday, 28 February 2010

Dear Bruce

The second CD instalment for Bruce. I am keeping him up to date with my progress during the weeks leading up to his NEW WORK - A HOT POTATO AGAINST A DARK BACKGROUND; I will be performing two compositions, to be confirmed.

Knowing I will be putting together a CD for Bruce on a near weekly basis has been a good deadline and helped me to keep moving forward, and develop new potential sound structures; Apple Crumble (track 2) draws on a mixture of old and new prose; Where did you get that haircut from? The Farm?; I tried to explain Mr & Mrs, a day time TV show; This is your chance to frisk up and down in the Spreadsheet Singles Bar, and The Elongated Iron Bar. Words getting out, with its teeth singing to the surface of the bar.

It's a Police Matter in Waterloo (track 3)