Friday, 25 June 2010

The Carr Radio BROADCAST No.3

Originally broadcast on Calon FM (10-11pm)
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0:00 Concrete Talk

0:13 TV Show

7:45 David Bowie - Fantastic Voyage

14:58 Jeff Buckley - Jewel Box

18:33 Concrete Talk

19:50 The Baggage Handlers – Semi Quaver

21:46 Jenna Collins - The Wave Archive: An Annual Report: Accent

25:10 The Baggage Handlers - I've lost my sense of direction

28:32 Tape Head Cleaner Music

34:35 Group Hobby - Runway Dance

41:04 Ariel Ramirez - Cantus (Misa Criola)

43:29 The Fifth Runway

46:33 Dinosaur Switch featuring Primitive Man Telephone Call

49:30 The Baggage Handlers – The Veterans Lounge

52:14 The Vulkan Bar

1:01:54 Concrete Talk

Concrete Talk; Improvised by Paul Carr and Matthew Hahn

TV Show, Tape Head Cleaner Music, Dinosaur Switch; Words/Music: Paul Carr

Semi Quaver, I’ve lost my sense of direction, And here we are in the Veterans Lounge; Words/Music: Paul Carr (Vocal/keyboard/feedback) and Steven Lowery (Vocal/guitar). Mixed by Paul Carr

Runway Dance; Words: Paul Carr (Vocal), Music/Production: Benedict Drew

The Fifth Runway; Semi-improvised by Paul Carr (DJ) and Chris Scobie (Head Barman). Pre-recorded in the British Library staff canteen, usually between the times of 08:50-09:15

Primitive Man Telephone Call; Narration/Concept: Eddie Farrell. Words: Trotsky.

The Vulkan Bar; Devised, written, produced and performed by Eddie Farrell and Katharine Eastman