Friday, 30 July 2010

The Carr Radio BROADCAST No.4

Originally broadcast on Calon FM (10-11pm)
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00:00 Dining Out Music

07:21 Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

11:26 Group Hobby – Alcho-bop

18:05 The Baggage Handlers – I've long suspected foul play in the grain of the wood

20:33 The Fifth Runway

24:59 Contender

29:48 Beefburger and Chips

31:30 Bruce McLean - Whose going to be 2nd today?

34:26 The Cast Iron Gent

39:36 The Beatles - You really got a hold on me

43:02 The Vulcan Bar

48:41 The Space Charge

53:44 The Fifth Runway

56:26 The Baggage Handlers – Trowel in the Guitar

Dining Out Music, Contender, Beefburger and Chips, The Cast Iron Gent, The Space Charge; Words/Music: Paul Carr

Alcho-bop; Words: Paul Carr (Vocal/guitar). Music/production: Benedict Drew

They call me The Quizmaster, Trowel in the Guitar; Music: Paul Carr (Loops/guitar) and Steven Lowery (Vocal/guitar/duct tape/trowel/spade/pan). Words: Steven Lowery. Loops constructed from an improvised recording by The Baggage Handlers. Mixed by Paul Carr

The Fifth Runway; Semi-improvised by Paul Carr (DJ) and Chris Scobie (Head Barman). Pre-recorded in the British Library staff canteen, usually between the times of 08:50-09:15

Whose going to be 2nd today? Words: Bruce McLean (Vocal). Music: Paul Carr
The Vulkan Bar; Devised, written, produced and performed by Eddie Farrell and Katharine Eastman