Sunday, 29 August 2010

The Vulkan Bar ....Stepping up the Pressure PETITION

If you would like to join The Vulkan's (aka Katharine Eastman and Eddie Farrell) campaign and support the continued life of the Fifth Runway bar, please write to me, Paul Carr (, with the subject heading SAVE THE FIFTH RUNWAY and your name will be added to the Vulkan Bar ....Stepping up the Pressure PETITION.
There is not much time be
tween now and the sixth and final broadcast of The Carr Radio when the fate of the Fifth Runway bar will be determined, so add your name to the petition as soon as possible.Go to blog entry 20th August 2010 to hear The Vulkan's emergency address at the Party Conference of The Gods, Bournemouth, originally broadcast LIVE on The Carr Radio, Friday 20th August, 10:53pm.

Friday, 20 August 2010

The Carr Radio BROADCAST No.5

Originally broadcast on Calon FM (10-11pm)
Please note, the mp3 player below does not play on some PCs

00:00 The Sun Shines on the Carr Radio

08:03 The Fall - Way Round

14:30 [Hey kids] Stop all the fightin'

16:02 Robert Wyatt - Alien

27:03 The Baggage Handlers - Mare Street

27:26 Group Hobby – Run Away

35:14 Paul Shutt – Superglue

35:48 Jenna Collins - The Wave Archive: An Annual Report: Font

38:12 Bruce McLean - Another Bad Turn Up

40:31 John Van Aitken and Paul Carr - The Van Radio

42:06 Low - Cue the Strings

46:18 Paul Shutt – Superglue

47:04 The Baggage Handlers - Forced Percussion

53:10 The Vulkan Bar – Part 5: Party Conference of The Gods

The Sun Shines on the Carr Radio, [Hey kids] stop all the fightin' ; Words/Music: Paul Carr

Mare St., Forced Percussion; Words/Music: Paul Carr (Vocal/guitar) and Steven Lowery (Vocal/forced percussion/radio). Mixed by Paul Carr.

Run Away; Words: Paul Carr (Vocal). Music/production: Benedict Drew

Another Bad Turn Up; Words: Bruce McLean (Vocal). Music: Paul Carr

The Van Radio; recorded and edited by Jenna Collins

Party Conference of The Gods; Devised, written, produced and performed by Eddie Farrell and Katharine Eastman