Wednesday, 29 September 2010

More Real Than The Everyday World

'Dumka' by Paul Carr and Eddie Farrell provided additonal music to a film by Jenna Collins; More Real Than the Everyday World. Seaming To has composed and will perform live much of the music to MORE REAL THAN THE EVERYDAY WORLD.

Working with a selection of amateur fiction films held by the North West Film Archive, MORE REAL THAN THE EVERYDAY WORLD disrupts normal relations between the present and archive material by attempting a collaboration with the original filmmakers via their completed productions. Running through the work are questions about the process and activity of writing narrative fiction, about what it might articulate, bring into being or exorcise for the writers themselves. Moving between the humour, violence and unfathomable intentions of the original films, the result is a series of episodes that variously attempt to extend, question, join in with and answer back to the archives collection.
GLEANERS a month-long residency at the North West Film Archive commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices.

Screenings include:
AND Manchester
AND Preston
AND Ulverston
8th London Short Film Festival 2011

Hear the original improvised version of Dumka here.

Friday, 10 September 2010

The Carr Radio Broadcast No.6

Originally broadcast on Calon FM (10-11pm)
Please note, the mp3 player below does not play on some PCs

00:35 Dai Jenkins - On Air Disaster: Diverted

06:12 The Fifth Runway

08:51 Group Hobby - Mr Pickle

18:55 Chris Scobie - Song 1

accompanied by Brian Inglis (Recorder)

20:30 A Technical Presentation by the Fabricators

29:46 Gary Woodley - 1571

30:50 It's our bird bath, innit?

34:32 The Fifth Runway

Featuring The Vulkans

36:25 Two Lane Closure

38:36 David Till - Carry On

43:36 Emma Hart's Egg Timer

47:49 Eddie Farrell - Double Malt

49:40 Jenna Collins - The Wave Archive: An Annual Report: Concludes

55:54 Chris Scobie - Song 2

accompanied by Brian Inglis (Glockenspiel)

58:34 The Demolition Tapes

Narrated by Mick O’Neill

01:06:16 Pop Music Has Lost Its Battle

01:09:25 The Baggage Handlers - Why don't you answer the telephone, Steven (this is a dance record)? Featuring Robert Schumann’s Piano Concerto A Minor op.54

01:16:28 Slow Down

01:19:56 END

On Air Disaster: Diverted; Words: Dai Jenkins (Vocal). Music: Paul Carr

The Fifth Runway; Semi-improvised by Paul Carr (DJ) and Chris Scobie (Head Barman). Pre-recorded in the British Library staff canteen, usually between the times of 08:50-09:15. Featuring the Vulkans; Written and performed by Eddie Farrell and Katharine Eastman.

Mr Pickle; Words: Paul Carr (Vocal). Music/production: Benedict Drew

A Technical Presentation by the Fabricators; Sound: Paul Carr, Caroline de Lannoy and Gary Woodley. Production: Paul Carr.

It’s Our Bird Bath, Innit? Two Lane Closure, The Demolition Tapes, Pop Music Has Lost Its Battle, Slow Down; Words/Music: Paul Carr

Why don't you answer the telephone, Steven (this is a dance record)? Words/Music: Paul Carr (Vocal/keyboard) and Steven Lowery (Vocal/radio/dusty vase). Mixed by Paul Carr