The Fifth Runway

THE FIFTH RUNWAY is a 30 minute radio programme currently on a RADIO TOUR of the UK, based on the fictional South East London district of Endwell; a pub filled landscape populated by disgruntled workers and misfits. Made up of entirely original music, narrative and scripted conversations, the programme inhabits a single room above The Fifth Runway; a pub under the threat of demolition. This room, rented by the local radio DJ, acts as an observatory on the district of Endwell, from the long footpath that stretches from the double doors of the pub to Albyn Road.

Each episode focuses on a different pub or cafe, including The Switch, The Elongated Iron Bar, The Tribute Bar and of course The Fifth Runway; its fate to be decided in the final episode entitled The Demolition Tapes.

The regular cast and crew of THE FIFTH RUNWAY is Paul Carr (Local radio DJ), Jenna Collins, Paul Collins (Keith Cartwright, Tribute Bar landlord), Eddie Farrell, Andrea Lloyd and Tim Pye (Green Bay Tourist Information Centre), and Chris Scobie (Fifth Runway landlord).

Other characters include the refuse man, Keith Harris (Office worker, The Cheap Advert Co.) and Keith Burden (Endwell Constable).

THE FIFTH RUNWAY is written by Paul Carr and co-produced Jenna Collins.

Listen to THE FIFTH RUNWAY RADIO TOUR as listed below HERE

Demolition Tape No.8
Performance: 'The Independent Voice - Performance and Publishing', Modern Art Oxford, OXFORD, Midday, 16th August 2014 

The Tribute
Performance: Camden Arts Centre, London Borough of Camden NW3, 3pm, 25th August 2013
Residency: Camden Arts Centre, 19th-24th August 2013

Demolition Tape No.4
Broadcast: The SoundArt Show, BCB 106.6 FM, BRADFORD, 6-6:30pm, 9th May 2013
Premiere Listening: The Invisible Picture Palace 7:30pm, 11th December 2012
Residency: The Invisible Picture Palace (In The Dark), Wapping LONDON 23rd-26th November 2012

Bar Interior (mini-series)
Broadcast: V22/radeq Summer Club Radio, Bermondsey LONDON, 5-5:10pm, 26, 27, 28th July 2012

The Switch
Broadcast: 128kbps objects (, Basic FM, NEWCASTLE, 2pm, 23rd October 2012
Broadcast: Sound Art Radio, Totnes DEVON, 7-7:30am, 27th December 2011

Broadcast: NTS Radio, Dalston LONDON, 10-10:30pm 30th November 2011


In 2011 Paul teamed up with Chris Scobie to reconstruct songs from The Carr Radio and The Fifth Runway radio shows for a series of LIVE performances. This collaboration has resulted in new material too, including Concrete Space Suit, Gothic Disco and North Star. They returned to the stage earlier this year and are currently rehearsing a new set. A Fifth Runway album, Destiny, will be released sometime in 2014, also featuring Dean Allum, Jenna Collins and Eddie Farrell.

A Spoonful of Poison open mic nights:
23.12.13 The Finsbury, LONDON, N4
28.09.11 Stokey Records Bar, N16
29.06.11 The Drop, N16
18.05.11 The Drop, N16
07.04.11 The Urban Bar, E1

Blang @ The 12 Bar Presents:
02.08.11 12 Bar Club, WC2H